Memories from 2011

A group of artists and their friends from Studiefrämjandet in Uppsala traveled together to beautiful Kleinsassen in september 2011. We made two stops on the way, the first stop was in Frankfurt where Bernard Wolf welcomed us. We will show more pictures from this memorable trip in this blog that will be updated regularly during this spring until the opening of the exhibition German Contemporary in june. This is going to be a blog where you can find information about the exhibition , learn about interesting swedish and german artists and read about some of the work at Studiefrämjandet Uppsala. Do not hesitate to contact me, the editor if you have questions! /Christina


Anna-Karin Brus Bodil Gellermark Katrina Loelv

Three of the swedish artists, Anna-Karin Brus Bodil Gellermark and Katrina Loelv

The group gathered outside the motel on our first day

T-bana Frankfurt

All photographs are taken by Bill-Ove Jonsson