Three of our Uppsala artists will attend ”Monuments for life”

The three Uppsala artists Sergio Perea,  Anna Löwdin and Bill-Ove Jonsson have been invited to take part in an Art Symposium called  ”Monuments for life” in Böse Natursteinwerk Großenlüder near Fulda coordinated by Dr. Ulrich Barnickel. A team of sculptors will have the opportunity to work together in this Symposium with stones of granite, marble and basalt and all the necessary tools available in the open atelier. There will also be a following exhibition curated by Dr Barnickel.

Dr Barnickel met the swedish artists and saw examples of their work during his scholarship visit in Uppsala and fortunately they are able to attend. The symposium will take place in the two first weeks of July 2015. We at Studiefrämjandet are very happy about this exciting international collaboration! 

For all our Swedish readers who may not be able to visit the Symposium this summer there is an opportunity to see works from Anna, Bill-Ove and Sergio in a group exhibition at Edsviks konsthall opening today!/Christina

More information from the company behind the Symposium:

”We, Heinz and Susanne Böse are a producer of monuments for the
German market…- But we like to create the idea for a sculpture
which accompanies people their whole life. Together we will create a new concept ”Lebenssteine” – ”monuments for life” People get first time a monument when they have died: a tombstone. The idea is to create a sculpture which accompanies people during their life. The expression of this scuplture is a positive emotion- fitting to it´s owner. The sculpture can have it´s place in house or garden.”
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