The Exhibition Konst från Sverige in Kleinsassen 2011

When we finally arrived in Kleinsassen the remarkable Kunststation building and the surroundings greeted us with a stunning beauty. We all felt extremely priviliged to be a part of the exhibition. The opening night was memorable and represented the culmination of a wonderful visit where our German hosts spoiled us and made us feel welcome.

In 2011 we started planning the humble answer to this, an exhibition in Uppsala with german artists that had received the scholarship. Sadly, we have no Kunststation in Uppsala and it was not an easy task to find a suitable location. After having considered the alternatives Gunnel Sörbom talked to Uppsala Konstnärsklubb/Uppsala ArtistsClub about the possibilities of them hosting the exhibition. The club has access to exhibition rooms at Walmstedska gården, an area with buildings built between1855-1860 situated in central Uppsala. She also felt that it would be a place where the german artists could be warmly welcomed to Uppsala by their colleagues and fellow scholarship holders. All photos are taken by Bill-Ove Jonsson/Christina

Agneta Forslund

Gunnel Sörbom from Studiefrämjandet Uppsala and Agneta Forslund surrounded by Agnetas paintings

Anna-Karin Brus_1

Anna-Karin Brus and some of her Vanitas collagepaintings

Anna-Karin Brus_2

Christina Hillheim (yes, the editor of this blog!) and Anna-Karin

Bill-Ove Jonsson

Three paintings by Bill-Ove Jonsson

Bill-Ove Katariina F o Henny Linn

Artworks by Bill-Ove, Katriina Flensburg and a hanging clay installation by Henny Linn Kjellberg

Bodil Gellermark

Bodil Gellermark

Henny Linn Kjellberg

Henny Linn Kjellberg

Katrina Loelv

Agneta Forslund and Katrina Loelv in front of Katrinas installation

Katriin Flensburg

Katriina Flensburgs artworks


Ulrich Barnickel, the German scholarship holder in 2014

During this spring we will present one holder of the scholarship each week . The second presentation is of last years german recipient who works mainly as a sculptor. The picture below, the film and the text about the artist is taken from Ulrich Barnickels webpage:

The picture shows ”solidarität” one of the 14 sculpture groups in the breathtaking Point Alpha- weg der Hoffnung . The film shows the artist working with the last of the sculpture groups in Point Alpha. /Christina


Picture from Ulrich Barnickels webpage

”Ulrich Barnickel combines the real with the unreal. He seeks to deny the contradictions of the empirical and the imaginary elements in the artistic representation and he consciously abstains from explaining their correlation in a rationally acceptable way. The artist is not looking for an answer. He is posing questions.
Barnickel does not just work with metal – he thinks in metal. Born 1955 in Weimar – course of studies at the Burg Giebichenstein (Halle) Resides in Germany : in Weimar and Schlitz/Hessen”


Collaboration with Konstbruket!

We are very happy to announce that Konstbruket will collaborate with us! They will show a group exhibition at Kulturcafét that is inspired by the artworks in the German Contemporary Exhibition.

Konstbrukets exhibition will open on friday 5 june with some music performed by the artists from konstbruket.

Konstbruket is a work placement for people with neurospychiatric disabilities who practice art. It is a day activity center according to the Act of Support and Service for people with disability – LSS – and a part of the system of liberty in the council of Uppsala. They have been approved by the County and the Council.

More information about Konstbruket (mostly in swedish) and pictures can be found on the webpage


Anna Löwdin, the swedish scholarship holder 2014

During this spring we will present one holder of the scholarship each week . Starting with last years swedish recipient who is a painter and sculptor. The presentation below is written by the artist.

Anna Löwdin


Photo borrowed from Anna Löwdins personal webpage

”Born 1960 in Uppsala, Sweden but spent a large part of my childhood in Florida, USA. Now living in Uppsala and working at my studio in an old observatory just outside the city.
For many years I have been painting abstract landscapes that I think may seem very empty to others. I have wanted to depict space and light through color and texture without objects that limit and define the sense of proportion.

With time I have been doing more and more sculptures and have come to believe that they are the ones inhabiting the paintings, but outside of the picture.
Together with colleagues in Global Stone Workshop I organize and teach stone sculpting workshops in Sweden and Italy.
I have not yet been to Kunststation Kleinsassen but have enjoyed meeting several artists from there when they have visited Uppsala.  For me as an artist it is invaluable to be able to visit other places and meet with the artists that work there.

I am looking forward to both the exhibition with our colleagues from Germany here in Uppsala and to my own visit to Kunststation Kleinsassen.”

Visit Annas webpage to see more of her work: Anna Löwdins personal webpage


More memories from 2011 – Fulda and Fuldaer Haus

After Frankfurt we spent two days in peaceful Fulda where Professor Mons guided us in the city on a clear chilly september morning. We were also treated to lavish meals in beautiful surroundings, for example at Fuldaer Haus.


Christina, Professor M och Agneta

Professor Mons gave us a historical guided tour of this old city, the architecture and the churches

Dom zu Fulda_2

Dom zu Fulda


Outside Fuldauer Haus Leif Kindblom, Peter Ballmaier, Lars Häger, Lars B Andersson, Sven-Eric Svensson  and some of the artists from Uppsala


All photos in this post by Bill-Ove Jonsson

Professor M Agneta F Lars B Andersson Christina Hillheim Stadtmodell der historischen Altstadt Fuldas_1

Memories from 2011

A group of artists and their friends from Studiefrämjandet in Uppsala traveled together to beautiful Kleinsassen in september 2011. We made two stops on the way, the first stop was in Frankfurt where Bernard Wolf welcomed us. We will show more pictures from this memorable trip in this blog that will be updated regularly during this spring until the opening of the exhibition German Contemporary in june. This is going to be a blog where you can find information about the exhibition , learn about interesting swedish and german artists and read about some of the work at Studiefrämjandet Uppsala. Do not hesitate to contact me, the editor if you have questions! /Christina


Anna-Karin Brus Bodil Gellermark Katrina Loelv

Three of the swedish artists, Anna-Karin Brus Bodil Gellermark and Katrina Loelv

The group gathered outside the motel on our first day

T-bana Frankfurt

All photographs are taken by Bill-Ove Jonsson