The Clay & and straw project

In 2010 Mitko Sabev Ivanov was invited by some Uppsala artists to take part in the Clay & Straw project. One of the other participating artists was swedish laureate Bodil Gellermark. More information about the project can be found on Gudrun Westerlunds homepage and on the facebook page.


The installation We Live Here by Mitko Ivanov.  Photo taken from Gudrun Westerlunds homepage

The german magazine Neue Keramik wrote about the project in issue 6 2011. Below is a translated version of Mitko Sabev Ivanovs description of his installation from the article:
”I wanted to let my installation appear as a modern Architectural landscape, which is in a natural environment. The sculpts were of unbaked bricks – in the same way as we build houses – but instead of roofs I gave the upper surfaces of the mold the shape of lying people . The Silhuette of the body reminds us ironically of Egyptian mummies. However, they are not embalmed for eternity , but the clay will soon reconnect with the earth. With the installation of ” We live here” I show not only the nature of the raw clay, but I wanted to point out the importance of harmony with nature and the fact that everything we do affects the nature and impact on our planet. ”

At Studiefrämjandet we are happy to se that the exchange project helps artists from different countries to connect. We hope that the upcoming international collaboration ”Monuments for life” with Dr Ulrich Barnickel, Anna Löwdin, Bill- Ove Jonsson and Sergio Perea will be as interesting  as The Clay & Straw project!/Christina

Mitko Sabev Ivanov, the german scholarship holder 2010


Portrait – photographer – Mitko Ivanov

Bill-Ove Jonsson, the Swedish Scholarship holder 2010

Bill-Ove Jonsson was the Swedish Scholarship holder in 2010 and is also the art director behind  the German Contemporary catalogue. He left a career in advertising behind him when he became a full time artist and has been teaching printing techniques at Studiefrämjandet. However he seems equally at home with painting, sculpture or conceptual art and describes himself as ”to restless and maybe to curious” to settle for one field of work. The lowest common denominator in all of the works that I have seen by this artist is that it always contains  a darkness more or less hidden behind a pun. Learn more about how he tries to make the world a bit more human with art on his homepage. The pictures below are all from Bill-Oves scholarship stay in beautiful Kleinsassen./Christina


Bill-Ove sculpting at his scholarship stay in Kleinsassen. Photo taken by Marie Gisslén


View from the scholarship apartment. Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Sculpture and photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Kunststation Kleinsassen. Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson

The exhibition Catalogues from 2011 and 2015

This is the catalogue from 2011 that i referred to in the post about Barbara Benedix! The remaining copies of this catalogue will be available at the German Contemporary exhibition. Have a lovely weekend! /Christina




One of the pages of the 2011 catalogue, text about Agneta Forslund


As you can see our German Contemporary- catalogue is still a work in progress! We hope that we will receive the last photos and texts so that we can send it to the printers soon!

Barbara Benedix, the German scholarship holder 2011

Dear readers!

This blog has been a bit quiet during the last two weeks. But I can assure you that things are moving forward!

Last weeks presentation should have been about Barbara Benedix,  the German scholarship holder in the year 2011.


Photograph taken from

Barbara was also the competent curator for the exhibition Konst från Sverige in 2011 and produced the exhibition catalogue. We were all very impressed by the 2011 exhibition and we try to reciprocate this as well as we can.


Barbara, Gunnel Sörbom and others at the opening of the 2011 exhibition at Kunststation

Barbara Benedix is currently working as the Program Head of Cultural Education at Volkshocschule Region Kassel, more information about that on the homepage

I am looking forward to meeting her again at the exhibition opening in June!/Christina

Henny Linn Kjellberg, the Swedish scholarship holder 2011

This week the time has come to take a closer look at Henny Linn Kjellberg who was the swedish recipient 2011. She leads ceramic classes for Studiefrämjandet for both children and adults. The photograph and the written presentation below is taken from the artists homepage, visit for more information and pictures/Christina


”Henny Linn Kjellberg holds a BFA from Denmark’s Design School Bornholm, and an MFA from Konstfack – the University College of Arts and Craft in Stockholm, Sweden. She has also been a guest student at SHKS – the National University College of Arts and Craft in Norway. Since 2000 she has been active in various fields within the visual arts, such as installation, performance art and traditional commission work. She has shown her work at galleries and museums in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Thailand, Canada and the US and has been an artist in residence and guest artist several times at the International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark and the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

Although trained a ceramic artist, Henny Linn Kjellberg has often collaborated with artists in the performance field. In order to cross boundaries between the art forms and widen the concept of stage design, she has created ceramic objects that have been used as costume and installation art, as well as set design. In this context she has also been researching ceramics and sound, in collaboration with the American composer Ellen Lindquist and Danish percussionist Birgit Løkke, through the development of a set of porcelain percussion instruments.”