The Box has arrived!

Today the box containing almost all of the artworks for the exhibition has finally arrived in Uppsala! We are very excited and will start the unpacking first thing on monday morning./Christina


The famous box from Kleinsassen


Sergio Perea and Bill-Ove Jonsson


A well deserved rest in Å-husets hall where we will show some photographs and a short text about Kunststation to educate swedish visitors


My small assistants celebrating the arrival of the box with some traditional swedish ”fika”(cinnamon rolls and apple juice)


The last Artist Presentation

Dear readers!

The countdown to the German Contemporary exhibition is now nearly finished. The scholarship was founded in 2004, and in this first year it was awarded to administrators Viktoria Schäfer from Kunststation Kleinsassen and Kjell Cederberg from Studiefrämjandet Uppsala. In the following year 2005 Marion Feld, VHS Landkreis Fulda, also an administrator was chosen by Kunststation Kleinsassen.

The swedish scholarship holder 2005 Katrina Loelv, was actually the first artist to recieve the scholarship.

The following text and the photo of the artist are taken from Katrina Loelvs homepage


Katrina Loelv

”I work with painting, often in mixed media, collage and video.
Part of the fascination in various materials are related to their purely tactile qualities, the  feeling of mat or lustrous surfaces, semi-transparent or solid materials. Contrasts and tension effects that are embedded in the material of my works.
Some years ago I started  to examine the possibilities of video with an idea to create, what I call “ video paintings”, in this media. In the moving picture you are present in the intersection of the more constant and the changing where time and space can be depicted with greater clarity. I am inspired by the alteration and development everything passes through. With this follows a curiosity for the internal changes I as a living, sentient creature constantly experience. As an artist I aim to spend where this process is taking place, that is in the area separating the external reality from the internal. This space conceal a powerful, magic force which attracts me and I want to listen and communicate this in my art.”


The German Scholarship holders 2015, Veronika and Alexander Zyzik

Only two and a half weeks left until the exhibition opening and I have not yet presented the two german artists who received the scholarship this year. The couple Alexander and Veronika Zyzik are both painters who also teach art and work at beautiful Kunststation Kleinsassen. Veronika is currently showing the solo exhibition ”Veronika Zyzik: Nur ein Traum?” (”Just a Dream?”) at Kunststation until 25th of may. /Christina

VZyzik A.Zyzik

Read more about the two artists on their homepage:


Agneta Forslund, the Swedish scholarship holder 2006

The artist Agneta Forslund has also worked for several years as an art educator, mostly at Bror Hjorths hus. She is a part of the Uppsala artist group Haka who curates the visual art section of Köttinspektionen, the exciting new, non-commercial, artist-run art space in Uppsala.

The pictures below were taken by me Christina when I brought my class from Uppsala Folkhögskola to visit the Haka-studio earlier this spring. Agneta held an inspiring clay workshop for my students and we got to see some paintings and installations that will be shown at the exhibition ”Tråden” (The Thread) at Köttinspektionen from may 23 to july 7. The exhibition shows artworks by Agneta and her sister Mona-Lisa Eriksson.



Agneta Forslund in the HAKA-studio


Unfinished paintings by Agneta Forslund. Will be shown at the upcoming exhibition Tråden

Friday with Konstbruket


The artists at Konstbruket are busy with the artworks for the summer exhibition


This piece of scrap metal will become something inspired by Dr Barnickels art


Konstbrukets participants have also started practicing the songs that they will perform led by music teacher Kim Westin


We looked at Henny Linn Kjellbergs exhibition at Galleri 1, in this room we will have a part of the German Contemporary exhibition


This friday was also the opening day for an exhibition by Rebecca Petterson from Konstbruket at Kulturcafét


Å-huset, the larger of the two buildings that will house the German Contemporary exhibition


Imagine this space filled with german and swedish artists and music from the stage hidden behind the bushes/Christina


Mia Hochrein, the german scholarship holder 2006

Just four (!!!!) weeks left until the exhibition opening and we still have a couple of scholarship holders left to present on this blog. The photograph and presentation below about Mia Hochrein are both taken from the German Contemporary catalogue./Christina


”Collecting, archiving, forging connections between
locations, people and periods — these are the artistic
tools Mia Hochrein employs to approach the grand
concepts of time and space.
Underway, in search of contextual correlatives,
her artistic work usually begins site-specific in nature.
Only during the creative process itself does she
determine which medium and which formal language
are to be used for the given piece. Graphic works, objects,
installations, performances, interventions, projects and
artist’s books are the causatum.
Mia Hochrein liberates the ugly, the unloved, the
superfluous, the discarded and the broken from vanishing
while bestowing them, through the integration into her
artistic work, a new significance, a new function — or
simply a smile. In her performances, she frequently takes
on the role of a commonplace cleaning lady, huntress,
researcher or saleslady and, in her public appearance,
ulteriorly intervenes in everyday events so as to
make fragments of memory once again tangible and/or
to leave unanswered perplexities in her wake.
Mia Hochrein studied fine arts and visual communications
at the Kunsthochschule Kassel [Art University of
Kassel] and now resides in a small town.”
words by dr. Astrid Scherpf
Cultural Manager, district of Rhön-Grabfeld