More memories from 2011 – Fulda and Fuldaer Haus

After Frankfurt we spent two days in peaceful Fulda where Professor Mons guided us in the city on a clear chilly september morning. We were also treated to lavish meals in beautiful surroundings, for example at Fuldaer Haus.


Christina, Professor M och Agneta

Professor Mons gave us a historical guided tour of this old city, the architecture and the churches

Dom zu Fulda_2

Dom zu Fulda


Outside Fuldauer Haus Leif Kindblom, Peter Ballmaier, Lars Häger, Lars B Andersson, Sven-Eric Svensson  and some of the artists from Uppsala


All photos in this post by Bill-Ove Jonsson

Professor M Agneta F Lars B Andersson Christina Hillheim Stadtmodell der historischen Altstadt Fuldas_1


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