Anna Löwdin, the swedish scholarship holder 2014

During this spring we will present one holder of the scholarship each week . Starting with last years swedish recipient who is a painter and sculptor. The presentation below is written by the artist.

Anna Löwdin


Photo borrowed from Anna Löwdins personal webpage

”Born 1960 in Uppsala, Sweden but spent a large part of my childhood in Florida, USA. Now living in Uppsala and working at my studio in an old observatory just outside the city.
For many years I have been painting abstract landscapes that I think may seem very empty to others. I have wanted to depict space and light through color and texture without objects that limit and define the sense of proportion.

With time I have been doing more and more sculptures and have come to believe that they are the ones inhabiting the paintings, but outside of the picture.
Together with colleagues in Global Stone Workshop I organize and teach stone sculpting workshops in Sweden and Italy.
I have not yet been to Kunststation Kleinsassen but have enjoyed meeting several artists from there when they have visited Uppsala.  For me as an artist it is invaluable to be able to visit other places and meet with the artists that work there.

I am looking forward to both the exhibition with our colleagues from Germany here in Uppsala and to my own visit to Kunststation Kleinsassen.”

Visit Annas webpage to see more of her work: Anna Löwdins personal webpage



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