Ulrich Barnickel, the German scholarship holder in 2014

During this spring we will present one holder of the scholarship each week . The second presentation is of last years german recipient who works mainly as a sculptor. The picture below, the film and the text about the artist is taken from Ulrich Barnickels webpage: www.ulrich-barnickel.de

The picture shows ”solidarität” one of the 14 sculpture groups in the breathtaking Point Alpha- weg der Hoffnung . The film shows the artist working with the last of the sculpture groups in Point Alpha. /Christina


Picture from Ulrich Barnickels webpage www.ulrich-barnickel.de

”Ulrich Barnickel combines the real with the unreal. He seeks to deny the contradictions of the empirical and the imaginary elements in the artistic representation and he consciously abstains from explaining their correlation in a rationally acceptable way. The artist is not looking for an answer. He is posing questions.
Barnickel does not just work with metal – he thinks in metal. Born 1955 in Weimar – course of studies at the Burg Giebichenstein (Halle) Resides in Germany : in Weimar and Schlitz/Hessen”



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