The Exhibition Konst från Sverige in Kleinsassen 2011

When we finally arrived in Kleinsassen the remarkable Kunststation building and the surroundings greeted us with a stunning beauty. We all felt extremely priviliged to be a part of the exhibition. The opening night was memorable and represented the culmination of a wonderful visit where our German hosts spoiled us and made us feel welcome.

In 2011 we started planning the humble answer to this, an exhibition in Uppsala with german artists that had received the scholarship. Sadly, we have no Kunststation in Uppsala and it was not an easy task to find a suitable location. After having considered the alternatives Gunnel Sörbom talked to Uppsala Konstnärsklubb/Uppsala ArtistsClub about the possibilities of them hosting the exhibition. The club has access to exhibition rooms at Walmstedska gården, an area with buildings built between1855-1860 situated in central Uppsala. She also felt that it would be a place where the german artists could be warmly welcomed to Uppsala by their colleagues and fellow scholarship holders. All photos are taken by Bill-Ove Jonsson/Christina

Agneta Forslund

Gunnel Sörbom from Studiefrämjandet Uppsala and Agneta Forslund surrounded by Agnetas paintings

Anna-Karin Brus_1

Anna-Karin Brus and some of her Vanitas collagepaintings

Anna-Karin Brus_2

Christina Hillheim (yes, the editor of this blog!) and Anna-Karin

Bill-Ove Jonsson

Three paintings by Bill-Ove Jonsson

Bill-Ove Katariina F o Henny Linn

Artworks by Bill-Ove, Katriina Flensburg and a hanging clay installation by Henny Linn Kjellberg

Bodil Gellermark

Bodil Gellermark

Henny Linn Kjellberg

Henny Linn Kjellberg

Katrina Loelv

Agneta Forslund and Katrina Loelv in front of Katrinas installation

Katriin Flensburg

Katriina Flensburgs artworks



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