Kajsa Gustafsson, the Swedish scholarship holder 2013

During this spring we will present one scholarship holder each week . This week we take a closer look at the swedish recipient 2013. The presentation below is written by the artist./Christina


Kajsa Gustafsson working for Studiefrämjandet at Disponentvillans dag 2014. Photo Christina Hillheim

Kajsa Gustafsson

”During my thirtyfive years of living, I have been studying painting at Gerlesborgsskolan in
Stockholm, and Fine art and theatre design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.
For my examproject at the Rietveld I made a costume for a smaller truck that I also lived in. I turned it in to a kind of performancemachine, and used it for planting seeds of imagination in the streets of Amsterdam.
After returning to Sweden I have been working a little behind the stage and as a truckdriver.
At the moment I am mainly busy with my own art and teaching both arts and crafts. Since
2007 I am a member of the Uppsala Association of artists, UKK, and the national Association of artists, KRO.
Making art is for me not only creating objects, but also creating spaces where creativity can happen. In this I work a lot with Studiefrämjandet, teaching courses and creating festivals. I also work with exhibitions, theatreperformances and artprojects with schools. I believe that the creativity of every single person is extremely important.

In my artwork, at the moment, I use wood, metal, biketubes, charcoal and oil on canvas. I´m intrigued by light and language, both being capable of creating great illusions. During the process of making I always use writing.

I had the privilege to receive the grant  to spend time at Kunststation Kleinsassen in march
2014, where I got to exhibit my work in the Seminar room. I was very well received in
Kleinsassen and had a very interesting and fruitful period of exploring the beautiful
surroundings, and working with drawings and sculpting in the big apartment above the
Kunststation. I am very thankful for having received this opportunity!”

See some of Kajsas artworks at her webpage http://www.kajsanity.org/



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