Sergio Perea, the Swedish scholarship holder 2012

During this spring we will present one scholarship holder each week . This week we take a closer look at the swedish recipient 2012. The presentation below is written by the artist./Christina


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Sergio Perea Jerez
”Artist and art restorer, educated in Sweden and Italy.
I was born in Santiago de Chile 1963 and moved to Sweden in 1974.
Currently living in Uppsala, Sweden.

As a sculptor I work mostly in stone but sometimes also in wood and metal.
When I paint I use what i have learned as a restorer of paintings to create the surfaces and textures that I want.

I organize sculpture workshops and teach stone sculpture, both at my studio in an old observatory in Uppsala and in Carrara, Italy.  Together with colleagues I am a part Global Stone Workshop that create opportunities for artist to work in stone all over the world.

I am an active member of the artist association in Uppsala, Uppsala Konstnärsklubb, and I believe that it is very important for artists from different countries to meet and work together. The collaboration with Kunststation Kleinsassen is very valuable to us and meetings with artists have been much appreciated.
When writing this I have not yet visited the Kunststation Kleinsassen so I am much looking forward to doing so.”

Visit Sergios homepage to learn more about his work /Christina