Bernd Baldus, the German Scholarship holder 2012

The german recipient in 2012 was Bernd Baldus. His scholarship visit to Uppsala in 2012 may have been the most dramatic of all since he got to see a wild wolf running past him in the city when we were on our way to art museum Bror Hjorths hus.

Bernd Baldus Selbstporträt in Saint Tropez

Selfportrait in Saint Tropez, aquarell gouache and pencil.


Despite the stern look in the self portrait above Bernd Baldus is an artist with a warm heart that does not only feel compassion for humans. The animals also have the blues in Bernds pictures, we meet the sad eyes of farmyard animals that he as a vegetarian would never eat. This hard working artist combines his work as an artist and musician with teaching painting to people with disabilities. Uppsala will have the opportunity to hear Bernd performing some songs in Å-husets garden in the afternoon on friday the fifth of june, the day before the exhibition opening. More information about that later!


Truthahn (Turkey) blues

Visit Bernd Baldus homepage to see more of his work.

The presentation below is provided by the artist./Christina


About the artist Bernd Baldus:

”Bernd Baldus is dedicated to the emotional world of the Blues, not just as a musician but as a painter and graphic artist as well. To this end, he has developed a uniquely individual visual language that has become his trademark. His subjects—musicians, dancers, people both known and unknown going about their everyday life, and even animals—are usually presented on a blue or black background, an apparent environmental nowhere.

Due to the repudiation of spatial illusion, the people and their emotional states become the focal point of awareness: their abandonment to music, their small pleasures, and their smile-inducing idiosyncrasies as well as their moments of alienation and disgruntlement, apathy and violence, depression and grief.

At times the people and scenes contrast strongly in color from the background, distancing themselves from their surroundings via radiant luminosity. Gouache and watercolors or oil paints are the tools of the painter here, while all technical forms of etching are the approved tools of the graphic artist. But in paintings as in graphic works: Bernd Baldus, the artist, attentively observes the activities of the world, forever unable to withhold commentary. For the most part, however, his interest in human beings and their fates is borne by compassionate sympathy and a sense for emotional vulnerability.”

Dr. Elisabeth Heil, art historian

”In my pictures, I concern myself with human life, emotional realities and interpersonal relationships. My work is about the documentation of seismographic traumas. My motivation lies in the Blues and the love of life.”

Bernd Baldus