Bill-Ove Jonsson, the Swedish Scholarship holder 2010

Bill-Ove Jonsson was the Swedish Scholarship holder in 2010 and is also the art director behind  the German Contemporary catalogue. He left a career in advertising behind him when he became a full time artist and has been teaching printing techniques at Studiefrämjandet. However he seems equally at home with painting, sculpture or conceptual art and describes himself as ”to restless and maybe to curious” to settle for one field of work. The lowest common denominator in all of the works that I have seen by this artist is that it always contains  a darkness more or less hidden behind a pun. Learn more about how he tries to make the world a bit more human with art on his homepage. The pictures below are all from Bill-Oves scholarship stay in beautiful Kleinsassen./Christina


Bill-Ove sculpting at his scholarship stay in Kleinsassen. Photo taken by Marie Gisslén


View from the scholarship apartment. Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Sculpture and photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Kunststation Kleinsassen. Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson


Photo by Bill-Ove Jonsson