The Clay & and straw project

In 2010 Mitko Sabev Ivanov was invited by some Uppsala artists to take part in the Clay & Straw project. One of the other participating artists was swedish laureate Bodil Gellermark. More information about the project can be found on Gudrun Westerlunds homepage and on the facebook page.


The installation We Live Here by Mitko Ivanov.  Photo taken from Gudrun Westerlunds homepage

The german magazine Neue Keramik wrote about the project in issue 6 2011. Below is a translated version of Mitko Sabev Ivanovs description of his installation from the article:
”I wanted to let my installation appear as a modern Architectural landscape, which is in a natural environment. The sculpts were of unbaked bricks – in the same way as we build houses – but instead of roofs I gave the upper surfaces of the mold the shape of lying people . The Silhuette of the body reminds us ironically of Egyptian mummies. However, they are not embalmed for eternity , but the clay will soon reconnect with the earth. With the installation of ” We live here” I show not only the nature of the raw clay, but I wanted to point out the importance of harmony with nature and the fact that everything we do affects the nature and impact on our planet. ”

At Studiefrämjandet we are happy to se that the exchange project helps artists from different countries to connect. We hope that the upcoming international collaboration ”Monuments for life” with Dr Ulrich Barnickel, Anna Löwdin, Bill- Ove Jonsson and Sergio Perea will be as interesting  as The Clay & Straw project!/Christina