Bodil Gellermark, the Swedish scholarship holder 2009

Ceramic artist Bodil Gellermark also participated in the Clay & Straw project.

Picture taken from Gudrun Westerlunds home page

Picture from the Clay & Straw project taken from Gudrun Westerlunds home page

The following text is a translation from Bodils presentation in the 2011 catalogue:

”I have worked for thirty years in my own studio. The clay has fascinated me since childhood, when I played and dug on the shore with my grandma . Actually I ‘m still working in the same way. I often dig the clay out myself and process it afterwards, make clay rolls and build the shape up. I burn with sawdust in reduced atmosphere where you can feel the fire in the clay. I have performed several public artworks in schools in and housing areas. I also work with earthenware and burn traditionally in an electric oven with glaze. the whole time I have worked as an artist I have also been instructing pupils. To work with children and young people, sharpens the senses and helps me to think in new tracks.”

 More pictures of her more recent work can be seen at Bodil Gellermarks home page/ Christina

Bodil Gellermark at Bror Hjorths hus

Bodil Gellermark, photo taken by Christina Hillheim