Susanne Bockelmann, the german scholarship holder 2008 and 2009

The following text and picture are taken from the final proof of the German Contemporary Catalogue that will be printed any day now! See more artworks and read more about Susanne Bockelmann on her webpage /Christina

DSCF8899-2 _OK mini

Susanne Bockelmann. Photo by Dieter Weinstock

”The art of Susanne Bockelmann is introverted in nature,
but not in a seclusionary manner, in confinement, as it
were; rather, it is on its own on open terrain. With a universal
gaze from which work is nurtured, the diversity lies in its
fields of expression: painting, color pencil drawing, scissorcutting
and collaged work, ceramic medallion-making, vessel-
making, linocut, etching. Multifarious, the appearance as
well: clearly outlined spatial densities and freely drawn lines,
the overlapping of that which loosely hangs and bends, the
scoring and how the glaze settles within it.
The beings that she paints reside within their thus-prepared
habitats quite naturally. Categorically freely-formed beings, relaxed
and impulsive, apparently tossed into life, into an existence
as a presence that cannot explain itself and, instead, remains
enigmatic like all impulses that one perceives. […] They are innate
with the naturalness that results from such an intuitive birth.
A rooting experience of fertility that confronts us in the
work of Susanne Bockelmann is the amalgamation of autonomous,
individual pieces into a consummate entirety; into
the collage that she assembles from that which is encountered,
in accordance to stimulation and significance, upon
the carrier surface.
It is an art in which the abstract and the concrete are
identical. Everything so entirely line and surface plane and color,
and yet, at the same time, so pulsating with identifiable life.”
words by Franz Josef van der Grinten
on the work of Susanne Bockelmann — excerpt from the
opening speech to the exhibition ”Füchse und andere Wesen”
[”Foxes and Other Creatures”] at the Sankt Georgen
Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology,
Frankfurt am Main


Himmel (Heaven ) , detail Hammock made of plaited willow and plastic cord Photo by Susanne Bockelmann