Katriina Flensburg, the swedish scholarship holder 2008

This weeks scholarship holder is Katriina Flensburg. The following presentation is taken from Katriinas homepage: www.katriinaflensburg.se

Photograph from Katriina Flensburgs facebook page Art Quilt Studio

Photograph from Katriina Flensburgs facebook page Art Quilt Studio

”Except being one of the pioneers for the revival of quilting in Scandinavia, Katriina Flensburg is acknowledged for her work of promoting the field of Art Quilt.Katriina is the founder member of the Scandinavia Art Quilt Group.

She was an initiator and the first president of the Swedish quilters´ guild, founded 1988 and a past time board member of the Swedish Textile Network. Her work has been exhibited both in invitational and juried exhibitions in Sweden, in the other Scandinavian countries, other European countries such as Austria, Holland, France, Italy and Great Britain and in Canada, USA and Japan. Her quilts have been featured in books, magazines and catalogues in Finland, France, Austria, Holland, Japan, Great Britain and USA.

Katriina´s teaching and lecturing covers the broad field of the quilting from the culture bound and/or ethnical traditions to the contemporary and free expressions. She teaches and lectures both in Swedish, Finnish and English.”