Mia Hochrein, the german scholarship holder 2006

Just four (!!!!) weeks left until the exhibition opening and we still have a couple of scholarship holders left to present on this blog. The photograph and presentation below about Mia Hochrein are both taken from the German Contemporary catalogue./Christina


”Collecting, archiving, forging connections between
locations, people and periods — these are the artistic
tools Mia Hochrein employs to approach the grand
concepts of time and space.
Underway, in search of contextual correlatives,
her artistic work usually begins site-specific in nature.
Only during the creative process itself does she
determine which medium and which formal language
are to be used for the given piece. Graphic works, objects,
installations, performances, interventions, projects and
artist’s books are the causatum.
Mia Hochrein liberates the ugly, the unloved, the
superfluous, the discarded and the broken from vanishing
while bestowing them, through the integration into her
artistic work, a new significance, a new function — or
simply a smile. In her performances, she frequently takes
on the role of a commonplace cleaning lady, huntress,
researcher or saleslady and, in her public appearance,
ulteriorly intervenes in everyday events so as to
make fragments of memory once again tangible and/or
to leave unanswered perplexities in her wake.
Mia Hochrein studied fine arts and visual communications
at the Kunsthochschule Kassel [Art University of
Kassel] and now resides in a small town.”
words by dr. Astrid Scherpf
Cultural Manager, district of Rhön-Grabfeld