More than an Exhibition

This exhibition is not just an exhibition. It is also a documentation of a unique collaboration between two countries, adult education sites and Kunststation Kleinsassen.

The starting point was the idea to set up a scholarship program between Kunststation Kleinsassen and Studiefrämjandet Uppsala within the framework of international contacts between the Hessian Wolkshochschulverband and the Swedish adult education association Studiefrämjandet.

This events is now 15 years back – and the special thing is that it really worked successfully over the whole period. Successful not only in the sense that artists could use the scholarship, but also that there was an exchange of cultures across borders simultaneously. Swedish laureates actively address with German contemporary art and contemporary culture, and German laureates with the Swedish. Moreover artist contacts and friendships are created between countries.

In 2011 the 10th anniversary of the cooperation were celebrated with an exhibition – ”Konst från Sverige” – in the Kunststation Kleinsassen, where the Swedish scholars over the years took part.

Now it is with great pleasure and pride that we celebrate the 15th anniversary with a corresponding exhibition in Uppsala, Sweden, featuring the German artists and scholars over the years.

Lars Häger                                                                                                                     District Manager                                                                                             Studiefrämjandet Uppsala län