Brief History

Since 15 years there is a close exchange between the Hessian Adult Education Association and the Swedish equivalent Studiefrämjandet with projects in culture and education within adult education. In addition to the exchange has generated a dense cultural network, it has also created an understanding of each other’s society and culture.

The majority of the projects – which involves far more than 200 teachers and educators in both countries – are in arts and culture. Projects include everything from seminars, documentation, concerts of rock bands in order to stimulate intercultural integration to education and textile design.

However, the most important cultural project, which was initiated by the Regional Adult Education Center Fulda and Studiefrämjandet in Uppsala and was involved from the beginning in the Hessian-Swedish exchange, is the scholarship program for artists especially related to Kunststation Kleinsassen and Uppsala.

This exhibition of contemporary German artists and also Kunststation Kleinsassen Scholars, therefore aims both to celebrate the 15th anniversary of a unique collaboration between two countries, adult education sites and Kunststation Kleinsassen as stimulating the development of cooperation across national and cultural boundaries.

Lars Häger- Studiefrämjandet Uppsala, Bernhard S.T. Wolf- Hessischer Volkshochschulverband, Antonella Stilitano EBZ and Peter Ballmaier – Kunststation Kleinsassen